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Vladislav Terekhovich

In 1987, I graduated from the Saint-Petersburg Higher Naval Engineering School with a degree an Engineer-shipbuilder of the Search and Rescue Service. Until 1993, I served as an officer of the Navy and was an assistant captain on the rescue ship in Latvia. There I became a Deep-diving expert with experience to 120 meters.

From 1994 to 2009, I tried to build a career in different commercial companies. Several times I changed the fields of business: a head of the department of the insurance company, a director of the wholesale company, a commercial director of the largest Russian manufacturer of pharmaceutical substances, a sales director of the printing factory. Everywhere I achieved excellent results and was satisfied.

One day I became interested in the metaphysical foundations of human and world’s existence. I have started reading the philosophical, religious, and scientific literature; then I have arrogantly wanted to increase its volume. I have realized that the time of brain activity, which Nature gave me, is very short. Thus, I have decided to continue my education.

My first research project was devoted to the purposes of human beings existence from ontological, ethical, psychological, and physical perspectives, and how these purposes relate to an evolution of the universe. In 2009, I graduated from the four-month training course “Professional development for psychologists, where I have discovered the real practice of psychotherapy. After deliberation various ontological and psychological theories, I have written the first article, then the content of the website, and finally the book Formula of Meaning. The investigation of opinions about meaning of human existence.

In 2009, I entered the Saint-Petersburg State University post-graduate program at the Department of Philosophy of Science and Technology. In my Ph.D. dissertation Philosophical and Methodological Problems of the Principle of Least Action (2013), I passed from teleology in the whole world to an issue of teleology in the variational or extremal principles of natural sciences. I addressed the question: Why do physical systems behave in such a way that one of their characteristics (e.g. an action) takes an extremal value for an actual motion? I formulated a hypothesis that connected a realistic interpretation of the Feynman path integral formalism and a realistic interpretation of the principle of least action. Then I assumed that the variational principles in different fields of science share ontological foundations.

Over the last years, my research has focused on issues that are discussed in the contemporary analytical metaphysics of modality. The first research is devoted to connections between the modal interpretation of the principle of least action and other laws of nature. The second one considers a model of the evolution of possible worlds that continues due to an interaction between substances or agents. In another project, I investigate a question how various modal approaches to the interpretation of quantum mechanics correlate with the contemporary metaphysics of modality.

In 2014, I organized a workshop at the State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics, and Optics. Currently, I am an independent researcher cooperating with the Saint-Petersburg State University on the project Philosophical Questions of Quantum Mechanics. The project includes the website and the monthly workshop. At the same time, I am an Information System Consultant in the Printing and Converting Factory.

Since 2016, I am teaching the courses "Philosophy of Science" and "Philosophical concepts of Physics" for BA/Ph.D. in the St. Petersburg State University.

My research interests: Connections between the possibility of philosophy and possibility of classical and quantum physics. Modal approaches to quantum mechanics. The principle of least action, symmetry, and teleology in the unification of the laws of nature. Metaphysics of possible worlds, the Leibniz theory of striving possibilia, essentialism, causality. The role of decoherence, the Feynman path integral formalism, the principle of least action, entropy, and quantum information in natural selection.

E-mail: v.terekhovich@gmail.com